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Facebook messenger marketing

Messenger Marketing is the act of leveraging mobile, chat platforms to facilitate conversations with prospects and customers.

Facebook Messenger is one of the largest messaging platforms out there, with more than 1.3 Billion monthly users.

Platforms like Facebook Messenger are the new trend in the social media marketing world since they allow business owners to reach out to consumers on a large scale through advertisements, then continue to interact on an individual level.

Facebook Messenger Tools For Business

Similarly to WhatsApp Business, Messenger offers a number of tools to help business owners keep their different threads under control. Messenger greating are customizable messages that appear automatically when a user begins a conversation with a business for the first time.

Instant Users are similar to Messenger Greetings, in that they are automatic replies in response to anyone who messages a business. However, these can be programmed to appear after any message, not just the first in a given thread. Saved replies are messages you can program with common answers to questions like business hours or contact information.

Customer cards, however, are a Messenger exclusive. They give a business important information about the customer at hand to craft the perfect response. Businesses can find information like the customer’s location, local time and even order history.

Why Use Facebook Messenger For Business?

More than half 56% of consumers prefer to contact customer service representatives over messages than calling a call center. And it makes sense: Issues are often resolved within 42 seconds. Such a quick customer service process helps you get back to more pressing matters while impressing and retaining customers.

The Future Of Messenger For Business

There are already 30000 chatbots available on Messenger today.

These chatbots can take the form of a personal assistant and utilize artificial intelligence like facebook assistent.  It can perform many different tasks like reminding you of birthdays or even help you get a ride with Uber or Lyft. M marks the beginning of partnership opportunities with Facebook’s chatbots and AI.

Ultimately, marketing professionals and small business owners will have to wait and see how Facebook Messenger develops as a platform. While ads are available wide-scale and deliver impressive results, it will be interesting to see how chatbots or AI influence social media marketing strategies for small businesses.

Messengers have incredible reach
Mobile Messengers are the most downloaded apps in almost any store: WhatsApp has more than 800M monthly active users, Facebook Messenger more than 650M monthly active users. This makes them an almost perfect tool for reaching out to users through these channels!

Messengers are mobile first
This sounds obvious, but this is in terms of marketing a very important fact. You are able to reach your audience almost instantly wherever they are. Therefore you need to put your message into perspective: Would my users want to get my info while they are doing grocery shopping? How can I stay relevant, when my message interrupts the user in his/her routine?

Messengers are already built for interaction
The main purpose of messengers is bringing people together in private or group chats. Messenger marketing is all about bringing this to the next level, enabling people to receive information from businesses they are interested in.

Messengers are personal
Unlike email, messengers are (by now) a very personal medium. This needs to be kept in mind when doing messenger marketing. This is however great for building brands and products people love.


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