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SMS Marketing campaign is a perfect way used to effectively foster a strong customer base and achieve the best results. If you want to reach a wider audience with your SMS marketing campaign in no time, then you should definitely understand how to run an effective SMS campaign. Below listed are a few tips to help you run a better one.

Include a clear and concise call to action. Yes, an SMS campaign is incomplete without an informative, yet crisp call toaction. After all, you need to inform the recipients about the benefits they can grab by acting on your text message.

Know the right time (suitable for the target audience) before sending the text message to your customers. If you wish to get an action from your customers, then check to make sure they have enough time to do so at that time.

Less is enough. Try to include only that information which is actually required. Craft a short and direct message. Always try to impress your target customers with fewer words.

7 rules we should follow to run a successfull campaign

1.Communicate valuable offerings

2.Start the text with your offer

3.Keep it exclusive

4.Create a sense of urgency

5.Location, location, location

6.Include a call to action

7.State your brand name explicitly

6 Steps to a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Step 1: Ask Permission. In order to receive high open rates, your customers must want to receive your text messages.

Step 2: Short. Simple.

Step 3: Focus on Exclusivity.

Step 4: Understand Timeliness.

Step 5: Integrate With Other Marketing Strategies.

Step 6: Analyze Your Results.

Some sms marketing tools

1.    Hubbion

2.    Enger

3.    Texting base

4.    First Hive

5.    Mozeo.

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